How to get free coins ?

First enter your coin address which is attached to faucethub. Then after in your account there are options to get free coins.

Why reward is getting up and down ?

Rewards are based on crypto-market comparison to Bitcoin or USD. That is the reason it fluctuate with every ups and downs.

How many coins i can claim ?

We have no set limit so far for any of our user. They can claim any amount they want. 110 Claims per IP Address is set for users. If you have dynamic IP network then you can claim more then 110.

Where is my referral link ?

Referral link is available underneath account panel.

How to promote my referral link ?

You can promote your referral link to any social media site , or through social network. In between friends or family.

Do you have Ipaddress restriction ?

Like every money making site , yes we too have 1 IP per Address to claim. And if our system found same IP with multi address , all addresses will be suspended and there amount will get removed without prior warning.

When will i get paid ?

Once you reach the set thresold , you can request cashout, once verified payments will get dispatched to faucethub microwallet. And after that you can withdraw to your coin wallet from there. Payments upto 5 Doge are instant to faucethub wallet.

How can i change my coin address ?

Sorry ! This feature is not yet available in our faucet.

How Lottery system works?

Our lottery system is based on number of claims, it is basically not lottery system but activity token. The more you claim the more tickets you will get and the more chance is there for your daily bonus coins.

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